Augmented Reality Filters


  • Date

    septembre 6, 2021

  • Skills

    AR Filters, 3D Design

  • Client



01. Brief

A brand new product is coming for September 2021…

Two different SmartWatch with 2 sizes by Withings.

The main goal is to inform people about those new watchs but also to let them try the product directly from Instagram.

Instagram represents a good platform to host this kind of experience regarding few facts :

  • Free Hosting fee
  • An experience available worldwide via the IG account of the brand
  • Possibility to send it through influencers to make it viral
  • Allow people to try the wath on their wrist directly from home
  • Create a viral contest In-store using this AR Experience

02. Experience

Instagram is the perfect place to show innovations in multiple ways.

We had the opportunity to create exact 3D Models replicas of 2 different watchs in order to allow people trying them directly through the app.

On the wrist or in the real world, watchs are displayed in front users.

The first time Withings created this kind of experience spreaded in Europe.

Great on Instagram, but also great in-store !

This operation was the right moment to launch an in-store contest too where users could share their videos in stories using the AR Filter and had a chance to win one.

03. Reports

+ 350k people reached on Instagram (Impressions)

3 influencers involved

1 contest launched

Co-realized with TheSource

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