Augmented Reality Filters Event


  • Skills

    Art Direction, Augmented Reality, Instagram

  • Client

    Change NOW


01. Brief

Change NOW is the Global Gathering for Positive Impact. 20k visitors in 3 days at @LeGrandPalais.

At the end of their acquisition campaign they needed to spread the message via Social Media to recruit International engaged people.

Challenge was to create something different than all the other Influence campaign. Using New Technologies and a Physical place during the event.

02. Concept

We built an Augmented Reality Exhibition with Instagram Filters.

4 international Creators & 4 Experiences Live at the event

The concept is clear, Change NOW is a positive Impact Event based in Paris every year. This time, we reached out 4 Creators (UK, Austria, France, Spain) to let them share their community power with Change NOW and on the other side, all of them could be exhibited with a specific creation.

The Sun Project made one filter too.

Focus on 1 unique Topic : Augmented Reality for Positive Impact

Before the Event

All creators thought about their idea and brought it to life on Instagram.

2 weeks before the event, creators posted the filter on their own Instagram account and promoted the event via their creation.

Main purpose was to inform people about the event and sell tickets.

During the Event

We exhibited all creator’s filters on big screens and let people using it via QR Codes.

To build this Win/Win relationship, Change NOW gave them the opportunity to be present virtually at the event via their creations.

After the Event

Creators had to push their filter through their own Instagram Account for one month after the event until the After Movie Release.

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03. Results

A Win/Win/Win Relationships between Change NOW, Filter Creators and The Sun Project

For Change NOW

Change NOW augmented their reach on Social Media by sharing all this contents on their network.

They earned more than 2 Million Impressions in less than 2 months including 450k during the event.

When people used Filters and post it in their story, they also reached between 4 and 15% of their audience on their peronal account

They also hosted the World First Exhibition of Instagram Filters for Positive Impact at the Event

For Creators

For Creators, the perfect opportunity to release an engaged and engaging experience on their social media platforms but also to be seen by 20k people in real-life.

All details of creators were in the exhibition and people could try each filter, follow them on Instagram and reached them out.

For The Sun Project

A great occasion to encounter creators and people during the event.

The opportunity to create the World First Exhibition of Instagram Filters at @LeGrandPalais in Paris and meet engaged entrepreneurs like us 🙂

by @Autonommy

by @Csavenables

by @_thesunproject & @aniongvin

by @hongwei_tang

04. Reports

2 Million people reached on Instagram (Impressions)

450k people reached during the event on Instagram

27k people used thoses filters and shared them on their Stories

9k times filters used via QR Code

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